Protecting our Environment – our guiding principles


Kaitiakitanga embodies the knowledge and strategies of stewardship and guardianship.  It considers holistically how all things are connected and affect each other.

Kaitiakitanga reflects how we care for and sustain people, purpose and place.  It can particularly relate to guardianship of places natural resources and other taonga (artistic and cultural traditions and treasures) and the mauri of those places, resources and taonga.

Kaitiakitanga includes the ethic of stewardship and being mindful of the impact of behaviours and giving back to the land.


Whakauka describes conservation and preservation and how we look after our environment.

Kiwi Dundee seeks to develop values and attitudes of concern for the environment, while experiencing outdoor learning in New Zealand’s unique environment:

Below are examples of how we contribute to Kaitiakitanga and Whakauka:


  • Recycle waste, food, tyres, plastics and oil
  • Reduce printing
  • Use energy-saving air conditioning and eco-lighting
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Buying locally and buying organic
  • Always supporting our local shops and gas stations

    When you travel with us we will ask you to respect our Kaitiakitanga, Whakauka and the Department of Conservation’s Environmental Care Code by:


    • protecting our beautiful native plants and animals
    • removing rubbish and recycling responsibly
    • throwing nothing into our streams and lakes
    • respecting our cultural heritage
    • spraying footwear prior to entering forest areas that have Kauri trees

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